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Mike Shepherd
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In the New York Times bestselling Kris Longknife novels, "fans of the Honor Harrington escapades will welcome the adventures of another strong female in outer space starring in a thrill-a-page military space opera" (Alternative Worlds). The aliens attacking the planetary system of Alwa are an enemy unlike any Admiral Kris Longknife has ever encountered before. She doesn't know who they are, only that they worship a being known as the Enlightened One and are unafraid to sacrifice themselves against her fleet. But Kris faces more than just the fanatical behavior of an alien armada. A saboteur has infiltrated the military's medical facility and unleashed an epidemic that has spread throughout the fleet without warning. Seventy-two career military women are down with something not even the aliens could do to them-including Admiral Kris Longknife...

So why has she been ordered, as in requested and required, to make a formal report to the Emperor? Kris Longknife Commanding Paperback - 16 April 2018. by.

She's been raised only to be beautiful and marry well. (ebook) Kris Longknife: Bold (9780698180666) from Dymocks online store. Kris Longknife "can kick, shoot, and punch her way out of.... A Military Science Fiction / Space Opera novel franchise primarily centered on Kris Longknife, a rich young naval officer who struggles to deal with the expectation and reputations (both good and bad) of a famous family of military leaders, politicians, and billionaires, written by American author Mike Shepherd (a pen name for Mike Moscoe). Kris Longknife's Bloodhound 11.