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Lisa Lang Blakeney
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From bestselling author, Lisa Lang Blakeney, comes a sweet and sexy standalone football romance. A one-click, damn I read it one night, boss romance and fated love story. URSULA My family thinks I'm crazy, my astrology chart says it's a mistake, but after three years of carefully molding the highly narcissistic Cooper Barnes into the athlete influencer of the year- I quit. He won't care anyway. Whether they work for him or sleep with him, women have always been expendable to the billionaire baller. Even me. COOPER What in the ham sandwich is wrong with Ursula Owens? It's like she woke up one day this whole new person. A woman I don't recognize. One day she was my quirky, highly organized assistant, happily managing my entire life for me . The next she is handing in her resignation with no warning and no reason. I met her by chance, but I'm keeping her by choice. Maybe our love story is fated after all. THE NIGHTHAWK SERIES Gunslinger (Book 1) Wolf (Book 2) Diesel (Book 3)

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