The Diamond Cat

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Marian Babson
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A pigeon in the sky with diamonds pulls an ordinary woman into a perilous mystery, in this novel by an Agatha Award-winning author. Bettina Bilby doesn't have much fun living with her nagging, critical mother-but at least this weekend she gets to temporarily take in her friend's four cats. Then, after a rainstorm, one of her four-footed guests finds a dead carrier pigeon-and a fortune in diamonds-outside the house. As Bettina wonders what to do about this treasure that fell from the sky, some dangerous types start showing up around town, and before she knows it, Bettina's dull life is enlivened by a murder mystery. Praise for Marian Babson "What can a reviewer say about Marian Babson? If you haven't read at least one of her books, you have definitely missed the boat. She is consistently witty." -Mystery News

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