The Touch of Healing

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Alice Burmeister, Tom Monte
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The Touch of Healing offers readers the means to greater health, vitality, and self-understanding through the practice of an ancient oriental healing art and practical holistic philosophy called Jin Shin Jystsu. Gentle touching similar to acupressure is used to release tension that accumulates and is at the root of dysfunction, disease, and imbalance. The authors explain the natural life force that runs through the body and demonstrate with case studies, detailed analysis, and more than 30 illustrations, how to integrate this system into one's life. The key healing points and body flows, known as "Safety Energy Locks," are presented with step-by-step instructions on how to utilize them for healing and greater self-awareness. Many self-help practices are also offered that address a wide array of common ailments, including headaches, digestive disorders, fatigue, depression, and arthritis along with prescriptive exercises for relief of emotional ailments such as loss of confidence, anxiety, and depression.

Mid-March in Montreal, my licensing exam—for which I spent months preparing and taking time away from my year as chief resident— was ... "As a testimony" to the priest and to all who may have questioned the legitimacy of the man's miraculous healing at the touch of the hand of Jesus. No testimony is more powerful than the life an encounter with Jesus has changed by one touch of His hand.

As long as you have a conjuration (healing) spell of 2nd level or higher available to cast, you can spend a standard action to touch a target creature and heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level conjuration (healing ... A Touch Of Healing is completely focused on making you feel relaxed and happy. Relax, Enjoy, Unwind.