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Jean Leinhauser, Rita Weiss
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Crochet Master Class presents 18 crochet techniques taught by some of the world's best crochet designers and instructors. Each chapter focuses on a different technique, inviting you to dip in, experiment, and then apply your newfound skills to create a custom piece designed by these crochet luminaries. You'll learn Hairpin Lace from Stitch Diva Jennifer Hansen, discover the intricate color work of tapestry crochet from Carol Ventura, and explore free-form crochet with renowned fiber artist Prudence Mapstone. Filled with expert instruction, inspiring stories, and projects created exclusively for this book, Crochet Master Class is your guide to the incredible range of crochet possibilities. Techniques include: Filet Crochet • Hairpin Lace • Tapestry Crochet • Aran Crochet • Entrelac Crochet • Fashion Crochet • Tunisian Crochet • Woven Crochet • Double-Ended Crochet • Tassels • Bullion Stitch • Overlay Crochet • Bead Crochet • Bruges Crochet • Painted Crochet • Free-Form Crochet • Irish Crochet • Wire Crochet

The all black-and-white photographs, unfortunately, don't live up to the creativity. Description from the "Crochet Master Class" book seems to explain it best. "In this technique, which uses only the double crochet and chain stitches, an open meat base is worked first in horizontal rows, usually with alternating colors following a specific order. Oct 14, 2016 - I am so excited, the day has finally arrived!!!! All previous projects are finished and I am now ready for my first adventure in the "Crochet Master Class" book.

These hooks come in many different sizes using a lettering system in the US, from size B to size Q. For beginner crocheters, a medium-size hook, like an H hook, will be easiest to handle.