Wild Card

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Tara Wyatt
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What happens in Vegas... Dallas Longhorns slugger Hunter Blake is wild. He gambles, he parties, and lives in the fast lane. Impulse control isn't his strong suit, and while he'd originally set out to distance himself from his All-Star father's pristine reputation, walking on the wild side has become a habit. So when he's suspended and loses his spot on the All-Star team, he heads to Vegas for a few days of fun with country singer Marlowe Story, his casual fling-who he has more than casual feelings for. When they wake up married after a night of fun, all bets are off. ...isn't staying there... Marlowe Story might sing about love and fairytales, but she doesn't believe in them, and she especially doesn't believe in happily ever after when it comes to someone as wild as Hunter. She knows better than to give him her heart. But when they decide to stay married for the good publicity it's bringing both of their careers, she can't help but fall for Hunter, who has a passionate, sensitive side he keeps hidden from the world. But old habits die hard, and when the past resurfaces, Hunter and Marlowe will need more than luck on their side. They'll need love. This is a super steamy standalone marriage of convenience romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger. Happy reading!

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Zoe, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, becomes an insurance investigator, so she can raise her nieces and nephew, after their mother (Zoe's sister) died in a car accident. wild·card or wild card (wīld′kärd′) n. 1.