A Mackenzie Clan Gathering

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Jennifer Ashley
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The author of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride returns to the tumultuous and passionate world of the Mackenzie clan as a family celebration is shaken by an unexpected danger... The Mackenzie clan has gathered for Hart's birthday at the sprawling family estate in Scotland. But before the festivities can start, the house is robbed, and thieves make off with an untold fortune in rare art. Ian Mackenzie and his brothers must do what they can to retrieve the family treasure, but Ian is distracted by a family friend who claims he might have the power to "cure" Ian of his madness forever. All the Mackenzies must draw together as courage, love, and a tantalizing mystery serve to strengthen their bond, and redefine the meaning of family. Includes a bonus excerpt of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride Praise for the Mackenzies series "I adore this novel: It's heartrending, funny, honest, and true."-New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James "I love the Mackenzies-every one of them."-New York Times bestselling author Sarah Maclean "Skillfully nuanced characterization and an abundance of steamy sensuality."-Chicago Tribune

All comments are moderated so ... A Mackenzie Clan Gathering By: Jennifer Ashley. Chapter One Scotland, September 1892 Something woke Ian Mackenzie deep in the night.

On the other side of it, the glen dropped into crags and rivers, beautiful and rugged. Fine for a Highlander born to it, not so much for a soft Englishman, never mind he'd survived India and Africa.