The Undiscovered Self

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Carl Gustav Jung
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Written three years before his death, The Undiscovered Self combines acuity with concision in masterly fashion and is Jung at his very best. Offering clear and crisp insights into some of his major theories, such as the duality of human nature, the unconscious, human instinct and spirituality, Jung warns against the threats of totalitarianism and political and social propaganda to the free-thinking individual. As timely now as when it was first written, Jung's vision is a salutary reminder of why we should not become passive members of the herd. With a new foreword by Sonu Shamdasani.

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Jung (Author) 651 ratings Savings Get 3 for the price of 2. The Undiscovered Self 'Do you hate being treated as an object in the organisa-tional systems of bureaucrats and politicians? Does the hard sell of today's mass consumerism repel you? Are you less than enthusiastic for the wonders of technology? Are you deeply suspicious of globalisation and all that attends it? Are you worried about the future of humanity on this ravaged planet? In this ... The Undiscovered Self. Topics Carl Jung Collection opensource; community Language English.