Waiting For It

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Allyson Lindt
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Crunch time. Two words every game developer fears, and I'm living the horror of impossibly long work days, that bleed into weekends. The only upside is spending a lot of that time with my sexy-as-sin boss. I probably shouldn't sleep with him, but the need for stress relief is real, and so is the size of his... desk. The one we screw on top of. Then word gets back to my best friend's brother. The guy whose house I practically grew up in. Who I thought saw me as a second sister. Talk about jealousy. Though I'm not sure if it's toward me, or my boss. Apparently they hooked up a few times, too. One thing leads to another leads to the three of us playing naked Twister without the mat. But someone else knows about us, and he's been gunning for my job for a long time. I have two choices-surrender my career and theirs, or surrender my heart and cut them loose. Other Books By Allyson Lindt Legacy Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem) Hearts in the Sand Blood in the Shadows Death in the Night Chaos in the Storm Three Player Co-op (Menage Romance) Looking For It Waiting For It Asking For It Null Equation (Dystopian Romance) Over Exposed Over Stimulated Over Shared 3d20 Series (Menage Romance) Roll Against Trust Roll Against Regret Roll Against Discovery Roll Against Betrayal Game for Cookies Series (Menage Romance) Seduction Games Control Games Two Plus One (Menage Romance) Their Nerd Their Matchmaker Subscribe, Live, Love Series (Menage Romance) Red Hunted Red Consumed Beauty Claimed Beauty Awakened Ubiquity Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem) Seductive Soul Soul Reaper Soul Betrayer Truth's Harem Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem) Fate's Illusion Innovation's Muse Apathy's Hero Ridden Hard (M/F Contemporary Romance) Hard Flip Hard Pack Riding the Wave Drive Me Wild Love Equation (Contemporary Romance) The Rival and the Billionaire The Geeks and the Socialite The Second Chance and the Auctioneer The Virgin and the Kingpin Love Games (M/F Contemporary Romance) His Reputation Her Airman His Cosplayer Love Hack (M/F Contemporary Romance) His Hacker Her Infatuation Her Counselor Hacking Wonderland (Suspense) Reagan through the Looking Glass The Hatter and the Hare Painting the Roses Red Reigning Hearts Stand Alone Titles Seeking More (M/F New Adult Romance) Brothers of Fate (M/F Paranormal Romance)

The waiting periods for general treatment (ancillary or extras) cover are set by individual health insurers. Generally, waiting periods vary from two to six months for items such as general dental, optical and physiotherapy, and up to 12 months or more for major items such as orthodontics or hearing aids. Written with clear-eyed compassion and a compelling narrative drive, Waiting for Elijah is an account of a tragedy that didn't have to happen.

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