Thoughts Are Not the Enemy

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Jason Siff
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In most forms of meditation, the meditator is instructed to let go of thoughts as they arise. As a result, thinking is often taken, unnecessarily, to be something misguided or evil. This approach is misguided, says Jason Siff. In fact, if we allow thoughts to arise and become mindful of the thoughts themselves, we gain tranquility and insight just as in other methods without having to reject our natural mental processes. And by observing the thoughts themselves with mindfulness and curiosity, we can learn a good deal about ourselves in the process.

This approach is misguided, says Jason Siff. Thoughts Are Not The Enemy: An Innovative Approach to Meditation Practice: Siff, Jason: Books By Jason Siff Jason Siff will be leading Thoughts are not the Enemy: An Introduction to Recollective Awareness Meditation at Shambhala Mountain Center from August 29-September 1. We spend much of our time with our thoughts.

In fact, trying to stop […] Thoughts are not the enemy - Mindfulness Meditation 'Thoughts are not facts, even the ones that say they are.' Segal, Williams and Teasdale A young woman dressed in a white outfit sits cross-legged, on grass or near water, a calm expression on her face. Thoughts Are Not the Enemy. 2014-10-14.