Mystery Math

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David A. Adler, Edward Miller (Illustrator)
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Boo! There is a mystery behind every door of the creepy haunted house. Luckily, algebra will help you solve each problem. By using simple addition, subtraction, mulitplication, and division, you'll discover that solving math mysteries isn't scary at all -- it's fun!

Students must solve clues to save Chuck the groundhog! Dependingon where your students are at in the curriculum it may also Math Maven's Mysteries Home Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case. 51 Brand New Esti-Mysteries! 4 Challenge Levels! All New Images! If you've used the Esti-Mysteries from the original Esti-Mysteries blog post, or the 15 additional Esti-Mysteries that I wrote for 20 Days of Number Sense and Rich Math Talk, you'll really enjoy this new set!. My goal was to write and post 51 brand new Esti-Mysteries between September and December. As you click through the each Esti-Mystery, clues will appear that will allow the students to use math concepts to narrow the set of possibilities to a small set of numbers.

or add to Google Calendar. A worksheet to use when learning about input-output tables.