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Discover how to identify hidden sugar traps in your food while reducing your sugar intake, losing weight, and improving your overall health Did you know that you may be consuming the equivalent of 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day? Added sugar are in practically everything you eat, and you probably eat much more of them than you think. In fact, 80 percent of the 600,000 consumer packaged foods sold in the United States contain added sugar. Most of us are eating way too much of the sweet stuff and don't even know it. SUGAR SHOCK! is the ultimate resource you need to break the hold sugar has on you. This easy-to-use guide will help you understand and gain control of the amount of added sugar you consume. It shares the science behind sugar: what it does to you, why your body is wired to crave it, and how to keep track of your intake. Plus, the extensive at-a-glance photo gallery shows hundreds of sugary packaged foods in the market, along with smart swaps for less sugary (but still delicious) options. There are also surefire low-sugar swaps for kids' cereals, snacks, and drinks that even your pickiest eater will love. SUGAR SHOCK! is packed with hundreds of nutritionist-approved sugar-zapping strategies: · Get Your Sugar Score - Take the Sweet Tooth Quiz and find out if your daily sugar dose is okay or out of whack. · 7-Day Sugar Tracker - Crack the deceptive code words and measurements that food labels use to fool you, and uncover the truth about your food choices. · Go Clean & Lean -Wean yourself from added sugars with an easy, painless 7-Day Sugar Step-Down Plan. Go further with a 21-Day Sugar-Detox Meal Plan chock-full of hearty meals and satisfying snacks. · 50 Shades of Sugar - Discover the 50+ (!!) types of sugar disguised in many of the foods you eat (hint: Just because a sweetener like honey is "natural" doesn't mean it's better). · Smart Sugar Swaps - Trade up to healthier foods that are just as crave-worthy with the SUGAR SHOCK! photo guide to beverages, snacks, breakfast, baked goods, soups, sauces-even cocktails! With everything you need take back control of your well-being and your waistline, *SUGAR SHOCK!*is your path to sweet victory and a slimmer, healthier you!

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