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Nana Malone
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From USA Today Bestselling Author Nana Malone, comes a new, sexy older brother's best friend standalone novel. You've heard the rumors... Yes, they're all true. The women...the bank account...the really big... Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm just saying, there's a reason some call me Mr. Big. But none of it will matter to her. I've known her since we were kids. And she's just as off limits now as she was then. She's my best friend's little sister and when he asked me to give her the grand tour, he did not mean of my bedroom. So Mr. Big has to stay under wraps... One problem, she's the only woman I've ever truly loved. But with the secret I'm keeping, she'll never love me back. London Billionaire Books: Mr. Trouble Mr. Big Mr. Dirty

Big. As well as playing for other various singers and artists such as; John Parr, Belinda Carlisle, Robert Plant, Montrose, Richie Kotzen and The Knack.

He is a self-proclaimed rich, evil corporate businessman, and CEO of the self-titled "Mr. Big Industries" (which has a golden corporate logo with Mr.