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Amanda Ludlow, Roberto Gutierrez
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This accessible introduction to developmental psychology examines how children develop, from language development to social learning and the development of emotion. Comprehensive and engaging, it is the ideal introduction for A-level and undergraduate students, and for anyone interested in learning more about development in childhood.

The journal focuses on seminal empirical contributions. The journal occasionally publishes exceptionally strong scholarly reviews and theoretical or methodological articles. from Developmental Psychology November 21, 2017; Getting a Good Night's Sleep Has Special Implications for Youth With Chronic Conditions: A New Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia from Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology October 5, 2016; Special Issue on the Role of Time and Time Perspective in Age-Related Processes from Psychology and Aging September 20, 2016; Nurturing Conditions in ... Developmental psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on how people grow and change over the course of a lifetime.

Those who specialize in this field are not just concerned with the physical changes that occur as people grow; they also look at the social, emotional, and cognitive development that occurs throughout life. Skills of educational and developmental psychologists. Educational and developmental psychologists have knowledge and skills in the following areas: Identifying and clarifying problems; Diagnosing disabilities and disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders; Assessing developmental, learning and behavioural difficulties This introduction to lifespan developmental psychology focuses on key issues in development and ageing, including early social development, the role of early input in language acquisition, attachment and intimate relationships, child-rearing, moral reasoning, memory and problem-solving.