Electronic Access Control

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Thomas L. Norman
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Access Control Systems are difficult to learn and even harder to master due to the different ways in which manufacturers approach the subject and the myriad complications associated with doors, door frames, hardware, and electrified locks. Electronic Access Control consolidates this information, covering a comprehensive yet easy-to-read list of subjects that every Access Control System Designer, Installer, Maintenance Tech or Project Manager needs to know in order to develop quality and profitable Alarm/Access Control System installations. Within these pages, Thomas L. Norman, a master at electronic security and risk management consulting and author of the industry reference manual for the design of Integrated Security Systems, describes the full range of EAC devices -- credentials, readers, locks, sensors, wiring, and computers, showing how they work, and how they are installed. The book presents an arcane and complex subject with a conversational and layered learning approach that results in a thorough understanding of each point, thus offering quick career advancement potential to students and prospective security professionals.A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of electronic access control Provides information in short bursts with ample illustrations Each chapter begins with outline of chapter contents and ends with a quizMay be used for self-study, or as a professional reference guide

EAC provides technology for: Electronic Access Control is now a common access & security solution for business, commercial and even residential properties, providing you greater flexibility, control and management of the access to your property. Electronic Access Control Powerful Access Control solutions for a wide range of applications. Supernova Security Systems offer a suite of highly customizable, scalable and flexible access control solutions. Electronic Access Control Active Security Group specialise in Electronic access control, through away your keys, have your phone open your door.

It is suitable for homes, offices and other access control applications. Access control systems were typically administered in a central location.