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Philanthropic gifts and corporate social responsibility programmes are admirable, but they fall short of driving the change at scale that we desperately need today.What if you could play a role in turning this around? You can, and you can start right now. It’s about applying a simple set of principles to connect profitable business with social purpose.This is an easy to read book with a practical roadmap for (re)building trust and creating high-performing, sustainable businesses.

What if you could play a role... Connecting Profit with Purpose at Shared Value Project Hong Kong Written by Nicolas Sauviat It's been six months since I started my journey at Shared Value Project Hong Kong. And what an experience it has been! CONNECTING PROFIT WITH PURPOSE How to Create a World-Changing Business.

Poor engagement is a "silent killer" at companies, eating away at productivity, employee morale and profitability. Culture. The magic dust connecting profit & purpose Published on February 1, 2020 February 1, 2020 • 23 Likes • 9 Comments Phil Preston traded in his corporate career to help individuals and businesses make a bigger difference in the world.