Hacked for Love

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Michelle Love
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Brilliant, reclusive young hacker Robin Locke just pulled off the score of the century. She has successfully hacked the Bitcoin wallets of multiple billionaires and left electronic "breadcrumbs" for each of the three men to find, implicating each other's IT departments for the theft. Armed with almost a billion dollars in stolen funds, she's poised to change the lives of fifty thousand desperate Americans through anonymous donations. Unfortunately for Robin, one of the three billionaires-and the only one not connected to a crime family-has seen A Fistful of Dollars and knows this gambit when he sees it. Drake Steele, Bitcoin billionaire turned successful industrialist, is determined to find the hacker who stole from him, and not only get back his money, but get a very angry mafioso off his back. But when he finally tracks her down, he ends up with an unexpected dilemma.

#ben #creepy #drowned #gamer #love #pasta. Chapter 3 20.5K 690 530.

by Demon_Spirit1. by ... Love Hacked: A Reluctant Romance is the third book off of Penny Reid's successful Knitting in City Series.