Coming Home to Myself

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Marion Woodman, Jill Mellick
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Strengthen Your Worth and Power as a Women Guidance, enlightenment and truth on every page.From the writings of Marion Woodman and the mind of Jill Mellick, this book is a combination of moving words and beautiful artwork. In her previous landmark works such as Addiction to Perfection, Woodman captured the attention of half a million readers who found sustenance in the feminine wisdom she had to offer. By integrating Woodman's words into prose poems, Mellick adds an additional layer of inspiration.Connect with your feminine essence. The driving force behind this book is the beauty and significance of the feminine essence. Through quotes and stunning watercolors, readers are offered sacred reminders of our worth and power as women. By carefully selecting excerpts from Woodman's works, Mellick has crafted a book for women everywhere, guaranteed to speak to the soul.Daily meditation practice. We could all benefit by taking a moment each day to pause and reflect. Women, especially, often find themselves caught up in a number of roles and tasks that they strive to fill and complete. This book is a resting place, away from the chaos. It is a chance to check in with your body and mind and gain a higher vision for the day ahead.Read Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body and Soul and discover...365 core teachings from the works of Marion WoodmanBeautiful translucent watercolor paintingsInspiring and enlightening prose poemsReaders of other inspirational books for women such as Wild Mercy, That's What She Said, or Beautifully Said will love Coming Home to Myself.

From her humble roots to the career changes that would define the second half of her dynamic life, this memoir of survival, strength, family, and forgiveness will resonate with anyone who ever dreamed of finding themselves. Preview Now ; Preview saved; Save Preview; View Synopsis #327 in Biography ... Coming Home to Myself.

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