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John Allspaw, Jesse Robbins
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A web application involves many specialists, but it takes people in web ops to ensure that everything works together throughout an application's lifetime. It's the expertise you need when your start-up gets an unexpected spike in web traffic, or when a new feature causes your mature application to fail. In this collection of essays and interviews, web veterans such as Theo Schlossnagle, Baron Schwartz, and Alistair Croll offer insights into this evolving field. You'll learn stories from the trenches--from builders of some of the biggest sites on the Web--on what's necessary to help a site thrive.Learn the skills needed in web operations, and why they're gained through experience rather than schoolingUnderstand why it's important to gather metrics from both your application and infrastructureConsider common approaches to database architectures and the pitfalls that come with increasing scaleLearn how to handle the human side of outages and degradationsFind out how one company avoided disaster after a huge traffic delugeDiscover what went wrong after a problem occurs, and how to prevent it from happening againContributors include:John AllspawHeather ChampMichael ChristianRichard CookAlistair CrollPatrick DeboisEric FlorenzanoPaul HammondJustin HuffAdam JacobJacob LoomisMatt MassieBrian MoonAnoop NagwaniSean PowerEric RiesTheo SchlossnagleBaron SchwartzAndrew Shafer

Mandatory read for anyone that works in support of web applications as well as web developers this book covers topics like the recent devops movement, continuous integration, data management from the storage and database (as well as nosql DBS) perspective. Web operations is a blend of typical IT operations with a focus on supporting SaaS applications that a business builds and sells. Site reliability engineering, on the other hand, ... WHEN I FIRST READ DR.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time. The Director of Web Operations, or DoWO, has the authority to restructure all KSI Web Departments if needed as well as implementing policy and rules the Departments must follow.