Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife

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James L. Garlow, Keith Wall
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What happens when we die? What is heaven really like? How do spiritual beings--angels and demons--interact with us here and in the hereafter? Real-life, credible stories of near-death experiences and spiritual encounters gathered by the authors of Heaven and the Afterlife paint a clearer, fuller picture of exactly what readers can expect when it's their turn to "cross over." These gripping true stories--written from a solidly biblical perspective but accessible to seekers--provide fascinating glimpses into the spiritual world around us and the one that awaits us.

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350 global ratings | 303 global reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try ... Heaven and the Afterlife Collection consists of two books re-released as one book: Heaven and the Afterlife, and Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife, co-authored with Keith Wall Heaven and the Afterlife Religious beliefs about the "geography" of the afterlife - and the roadmap we must follow to get there - have varied widely throughout history. Exploring these and similar topics, Heaven and the Afterlife helps you sort out what is fiction and what is fact in everything you hear about the afterlife. Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife - Audio.