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Adrian Richardson
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Meat is a comprehensive cookbook with great tips and information on processing meat, the different cuts, preparation and storage methods and delicious recipes. Meat will illuminate and educate keen home cooks who would like to learn more about the meat we eat; where it comes from and various ways to use different meats. It is also a solid collection of recipes, including sauces, stocks and other meaty basics. The chapters are divided into meat type, making the book as userfriendly as possible. Chapter introductions, as well as short pieces at the beginning of each recipe, impart further knowledge with the friendly and knowledgeable character of author Adrian Richardson running through the narrative. Cooks will be delighted with the enticing recipes like twicecooked Pork Belly with Toffee Crisp Crackling and old favourites such as Steak and Kidney Pie. This cookbook will become a family favourite that is used again and again referred to as much for the information as for the appealing recipes. With its warm and friendly yet modern design it will inspire and give confidence to people to learn and try new things.

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