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Close-quarters and high-stress family life during the coronavirus pandemic may have you worried about a loved one's use or addictions, and what you can do to help. This book offers wisdom and insight from families who have walked this road. With over 75,000 copies sold, Addict in the Family is a must-have, trusted resource for anyone coping with the addiction of a family member. "When my eldest son became addicted to crystal meth and heroin, I could barely function. I would not have survived without Beverly Conyers's Addict in the Family, which provided guidance and hope. I realized I wasn't alone on my hellish journey. The book helped me get through interminable nights when I was terrified that his addiction would take his life. It offered a path to healing." -David Sheff, author of Beautiful Boy, now a major motion picture With years of experience struggling with her daughter's addiction and recovery, Beverly Conyers has been where you are. In Addict in the Family, Conyers draws on research, experience, and compelling personal stories from others to explain what families should know about substance abuse, interventions, relapse, and more. Although families can't cure a loved one's addiction, they can provide support without enabling, set boundaries, prioritize self-care, and find healing through therapy, spirituality, Al Anon or Nar Anon, and countless other resources that show no one is alone on this journey. Revised and updated in 2015, this classic recovery book is for anyone who has experienced the shame, anxiety, sleepless nights, and physical illness that often stem from loving someone who is struggling with addiction. These stories show that, no matter what is happening with your loved one, you have the power to control your own recovery.

While addiction does have the ability to break families apart, taking steps to overcome addiction can bring you closer to mending relationships that may have been broken on behalf of substance abuse. In fact, many addiction treatment centers offer unique ... If you are sticking to your boundaries with an addict and someone else in the family keeps posting bail or giving them money or food, then the addict still has a way to get high.

The family dynamic sheds light into sociatal stigma and eventual healing when a family member becomes addicted. The process of healing comes from the family and not always the addict.