Active Hope

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Joanna Macy; Chris Johnstone
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Most books addressing global issues focus on either our dire problems or grand-scale solutions. Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone focus instead on equipping readers with a transformational mind-set. Facing the facts of a planet and economies in crisis, many individuals feel hopeless because they recognize that they cant create their desired outcomes. But rather than allowing this reality to shut us down, we can choose active hope. This hope is something we do rather than something we have. Instead of acting only when we deduce we may succeed, we can focus on our intention and let that be our guide. On this path we discover new strengths, open to a network of allies, and experience a deepening of aliveness. Because we are actively giving; and receiving; hope, we can face global crises without despair and play a personal role in the collective Great Turning toward a life-sustaining society.

Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life on whose behalf we can act. We belong to this world and we are here to play our part.

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