Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workshop

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Ellen Gormley
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Take your crochet on the go! Do your hands itch to crochet while you sit in waiting rooms, on airplanes and at soccer games, but you don't want to carry along lots of yarn and heavy projects? In Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook, you'll find patterns for 50 interchangeable motifs designed for a range of skill levels that can be easily crocheted while on the go! Author Ellen Gormley provides you with great tips for assembling portable projects, creating fantastic color combinations, and arranging your crocheted motifs in unique and exciting ways. Inside, you'll find: • Patterns and stitch diagrams for 50 motifs in 5 different shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons and octagons • Recommendations from the author for 5 great mix-and-match options for each interchangeable motif • 10 complete afghan patterns using a single motif, 2-3 motifs and multiple motifs • A thorough guide to crochet basics, as well as design techniques for assembling your motifs into one-of-a-kind projects So choose your favorite motif, grab your hook and yarn, and go crochet!

An eye-catching piece from Annie's Signature Designs . Mosaic crochet allows you to create colorful designs while crocheting with just 1 color at a time.

Heirloom cabled throw. Cables are something that people usually talk ... Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workshop.