The Intimate Act Of Choreography

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Lynne Anne Blom, L. Tarin Chaplin
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A comprehensive book that covers all aspects of choreography from the most fundamental techniques to highly sophisticated artistic concerns.?? The Intimate Act of Choreography presents the what and how of choreography in a workable format that begins with basics- - time, space, force -- and moves on to the more complex issues faced by the intermediate and advanced choreographer -- form, style, abstraction, compositional structures, and choreographic devices.The format of the book evolved from the idea that improvisation is a good way to learn choreography.?? This approach is in harmony with widely accepted dance philosophies that value the unique quality of each individual's creativity.?? After discussing a concept, the authors provide improvisations, and choreographic studies that give the student a physical experience of that concept.?? The language is stimulating an innovative, rich in visual images that will challenge the choreographer to explore new directions in movement.The book is for serious dance students and professionals who are interested in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the art, dancers who are just starting to choreograph, and teachers who are seeking fresh ideas and new approaches to use with young choreographers.?? (A Teacher's Addendum offers suggestions on how to use the material in the classroom.)?? It is a guide, a text, and an extensive resource of every choreographic concept central to the art form.

Tarin. 1982, The intimate act of choreography / Lynne Anne Blom and L ... The Intimate Act of Choreography acts as lecture, setting up the structural bones for those interested in choreography.

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