The Psychology of Eating

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Jane Ogden
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With its primary focus on the psychology of eating from a social, health, and clinical perspective, the second edition of The Psychology of Eating: From Healthy to Disordered Behavior presents an overview of the latest research into a wide range of eating-related behaviorsFeatures the most up-to-date research relating to eating behavior Integrates psychological knowledge with several other disciplines Written in a lively, accessible style Supplemented with illustrations and maps to make literature more approachable

We believe in an approach that's grounded in helping you apply your ... With any eating disorder, eating and food is not the problem; it is the solution. As with alcohol or drugs, eating can be a temporary, but very powerful way to stave off unwanted and unmanageable ... The Psychology of Eating is the essential multi-disciplinary introduction to the psychology of eating, looking at the biological, genetic, developmental, and social determinants of how humans find and assimilate food..

The list of motives behind why people actually eat can go on and on. All of these reasons usually will fall into two main categories; eating for enjoyment and ... The need to eat and drink is essential to the survival of all animals.