The Island of the Colour-Blind

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Oliver Sacks
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Oliver Sacks travels once again in search of human diversity... Always fascinated by islands, Oliver Sacks is drawn to the Pacific by reports of the tiny atoll of Pingelap, with its isolated community of islanders born totally colour-blind; and to Guam, where he investigates a puzzling paralysis endemic there for a century. Along the way, he re-encounters the beautiful, primitive island cycad trees - and these become the starting point for a meditation on time and evolution, disease and adaptation, and islands both real and metaphorical.

But there's a place where colorblindness runs so rampant that it's known as the Island of the Colorblind. And it's not the red-green blindness that's most common on the mainland. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

The man who fathered most of the new children carried a recessive gene for achromatopsia, which found its way into all of his ... In 1993, inspired by H G Wells's short story 'The Country of the Blind' (1904), the renowned neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks set out to study life on Pingelap - a small Micronesian island where an estimated tenth of the population has achromatopsia, a rare genetic disorder that leaves people close to or entirely colourblind. Island of the Colour-blind by Oliver Sacks, 9780330526104, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Drawn to the tiny Pacific atoll of Pingelap by intriguing reports of an isolated community of islanders born totally color-blind, Sacks finds himself setting up a clinic in a one-room island dispensary, where he listens to these achromatopic islanders describe their colorless world in rich terms of pattern and tone, luminance and shadow. And on Guam, where he goes to investigate the puzzling ... 'Sacks is rightly renowned for his empathy .