Bulls, Bears and a Croupier

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Matthew Kidman
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An experienced Australian fund manager explains how the share market can be a fun and simple place to operate if you take the right approach. The share market is awash with new opportunities to profit everyday as millions of shares in thousands of companies change hands. Even if half of your decisions go wrong you still have a genuine chance of generating a profit like the pros - it really is the easiest game on earth! Despite all of this the share market has lost its appeal for many people since the onset of the GFC. In Bulls, Bears and a Croupier Matthew Kidman explains why a new bull market, with the potential to increase stock prices tenfold, is just around the corner and readers need to prise open their wallets. With more than a decade of experience as a professional fund manager, Kidman deconstructs the share market, explodes the myths and turns traditional thinking on its head to show new and experienced investors alike that the share market can be a lot of fun and you can make a lot of money. You just have to know how!

Even if half of your d… In Bulls Bears And A Croupier Matthew Kidman Explains Why A New Bull Market With The Potential To Increase Stock Prices Tenfold Is Just Around The Corner And Readers Need To Prise Open Their Wallets. With More Than A Decade Of Experience As A Professional Fund Manager Kidman Deconstructs The Share Market Explodes The Myths And Turns Traditional Thinking On Its Head To Show New And Experienced ... Bulls, Bears and a Croupier: The insider's guide to profi ting from the Australian stockmarket.

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