Overcome Panic and Anxiety

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Linda Manassee Buell, Elaine Iljon Foreman (Foreword by)
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Between one and four people in 100 experience panic attacks at some stage in their lives. An upbeat guide for those affected by this common, disabilitating disorder, Overcome Panic and Anxiety offers a treatment plan, loaded with practical tips and trustworthy advice from a formersufferer. The book's eight chapters detail all the techniques necessary for coping and conquering panic attacks (including breathing, centering, and distraction techniques), all peppered with excerpts from the author's diary. With 121 tips in all, here is a practical, quick guide for those with the disorder or those who care for them.

Think about the last time you wanted to get fit for the summer. You knew you had to exercise, but you couldn't just do it sporadically; it required consistent healthy eating and exercise to achieve your fitness goals.

Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Dr. Gould says a true panic disorder has four characteristics: You are intensely fearful.