Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle

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Rita S. Wilkins
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“Downsizing your life is a rollercoaster of emotions. I would be lying to say it is easy.” – Rita Wilkins, “The Downsizing Designer” Rita’s downsizing journey was inspired by a trip to a third world country when she traveled to Senegal, West Africa to visit her son who was serving in the Peace Corps. She was profoundly moved by the people who were truly happy even though they had so little. This experience ignited a new passion for living a simpler life with less, which then led her to downsizing from a 5,000 sq. ft. home to an 867 sq. ft. apartment. She fearlessly gave away 95% of her belongings to people who needed or wanted them. Now she lives with 5% of what she once owned and has never been happier. She now has more time, money, and freedom to pursue what matters most to her. Having experienced the life-changing impact of living abundantly with less, Rita shared her story on the TEDx stage: Downsize Your Life, Why Less Is More. It also inspired her to write this book, Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle so that others might consider the benefits of owning fewer possessions so that they can make room for what matters most to them. My Closet Made Me Cry “It was a dreary Winter day. Perfect for attacking the first of my many closets … or so I thought. I opened the door to one of my master bedroom closets and stared at a room full of clothes filled with beautiful dresses and suits, many of which had not been worn in years. Some of them still had tags on them.Touching each piece of clothing, I was filled with emotions ranging from guilt to shame to pure disgust. What made me purchase so recklessly? Did I really need all of these? Weekend after weekend, I would fill my lonely days in search of that “perfect little black dress” for the “someday” perfect date. Then, I counted four other little black dresses that looked exactly like the others.” Lessons Learned from My Downsizing Journey:Stop making “stuff” mean something.How rich life can be when you own less.How too much “stuff” detracts from inner peace and true happiness.Readers will love her inspirational stories and learn from her useful, practical tips and strategies that they can immediately apply to their own lives to unlock, unload, and unburden themselves from what they thinkthey can’t live without. Rita uses real-life stories and examples to showcase how simple lifestyle upgrades each day can elevate your happiness and overall quality of life. This book will inspire you to see your life through a whole new lens and challenge you to downsize your life so that you can upgrade your lifestyle. Rita Wilkins, also known as “The Downsizing Designer,” TEDx speaker, and nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle expert, will inspire you to:Downsize your physical and emotional clutter to make room for what matters most to you.Let go of your invisible barriers that stop you from saying “I wish I had …”Reimagine, reinvent, redesign how you live, work, and play so you can have more time, money, and freedom.You will learn how to live the life you love … by design!

12 Ways to Simplify Your Life Today It's the circle of homeownership - as your family grows, so does your house. Is all that space worth the trade of less financial stress and more freedom? That's why downsizing your home can be an excellent option for your lifestyle as well as your bank account.

Embrace your future now and let Rita's gentle guidance help take you there. It's a 3-D journey you will forever cherish." Upgrading your lifestyle requires change, and Rita has captured it in a beautiful and inspiring way.