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John Silvester, Andrew Rule
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The first Underbelly series took Australia by storm. The blockbuster account of the gangland war was banned in one state and attracted huge audiences in the others. Now, the makers turn to an era when Sydney rivalled Melbourne as the crime capital of the Pacific. Sydney was Sin City, a town on the take for people on the make. From King's Cross to the sport of kings, from back street brothels to plush private casinos, high rollers rubbed shoulders with low life and corruption was a way of life - and death. It was the Sydney of Abe 'Mr Sin' Saffron, of Lennie McPherson and George Freeman, 'Aussie Bob' Trimbole and the 'Mr Asia' heroin syndicate. When Sydney's Mr Bigs owned the best police force money could buy but called in Melbourne gunmen to do their dirty work. Like Chris 'Rentakill' Flannery, so dangerous his paymasters killed him. Standover men like brothers Brian and Les Kane, shot dead when Melbourne's painters and dockers went to war. And those who hunted them down: the legendary Great Bookie Robbers. They all died violently. Here are the rea stories that have inspired the new drama series.

There have been six series in total. A 2014 series titled Fat Tony & Co is a sequel to the first series but is not branded under the Underbelly title. Underbelly definition is - a vulnerable area; also : a corrupt or sordid part.

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