Why Does My Bird Do That

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Julie Rach Mancini
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In this updated edition of the popular guide to parrot behavior, you'll learn why your bird does strange things and discover positive techniques for modifying those behaviors. You'll get information on training and caring for your bird, normal behavior, and species-specific behavior. Don't let your feathers get ruffled by a headstrong, beakstrong bird. Learn how to develop a mutually rewarding relationship with your parrot.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of ... Bird seed does go bad. "You want to make sure that the seed is fresh and not moldy," explains Connie Sanchez, program director of bird-friendly communities.

A parrot's first instinct is to flee danger but when they feel cornered or threatened they will bite. If you observe your parrot closely and are familiar with your bird ... The books only answer to the posed question "Why does my bird do that?" is that it's suppose to.