Anger Management Games for Children

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Deborah Plummer, Jane Serrurier (Illustrator)
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Praise for the author:'Deborah Plummer uses imagination and empowerment to move children and adults from discouragement to success.'- The Canadian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Review'Deborah Plummer shows a fundamental respect for a child's integrity whilst making sure her language and ideas accessible to a wide range of people.'- Afasic NewsThis practical handbook helps adults to understand, manage and reflect constructively on children's anger. Featuring a wealth of familiar and easy-to-learn games, it is designed to foster successful anger management strategies for children aged 5-12.The book covers the theory behind the games in accessible language, and includes a broad range of enjoyable activities: active and passive, verbal and non-verbal, and for different sized groups. The games address issues that might arise in age-specific situations such as sharing a toy or facing peer pressure. They also encourage children to approach their emotions as a way to facilitate personal growth and healthy relationships.This is an ideal resource for teachers, parents, carers and all those working with anger management in children.

Once the anger triggers are found, one can adopt certain coping strategies to prevent the negative effects of anger on oneself. Healthy eating can help prevent anger. The games range from five to 60 minutes' duration, and mostly require no extra resources, which make them an invaluable resource for any adult who works with children aged 5-12.

There are really so many different ways to work on anger management with kids. It is helpful to keep the concept of play in mind as this can really help to neutralize topics and allow kids to learn.