Where the Hell Is God?

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Richard Leonard, SJ; foreword by James Martin, SJ
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Combines professional insights along with the author's own experience and insights to speculate on how believers can make sense of their Christian faith when confronted with tragedy and suffering.

Chitragupta reads out the sins committed and Yama orders appropriate punishments to be given to individuals. These punishments include dipping in boiling oil, burning in fire, torture using various ... Suffice it to say here that God's unconditional love for us all at all times is extensively elucidated.

Hard to imagine saying that about a theological book that takes up the age old question of the goodness of God and the existence of suffering and evil. Our faith in God is easier when everything is going well. What about the times in our lives when it is challenged, undermined and threatened by things that ... Rev Dr Richard Leonard is a Jesuit of the Australian Province and author of Where the hell is God? (Paulist Press, 2010).