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Barbara Freethy
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A long-ago shipwreck off the California coast led the survivors to the haven they named Angel’s Bay. Their shared adversity brought fellowship andjoy . . . but also unsuspected secrets. Acclaimedauthor Barbara Freethy returns to the townwhere angels still keep watch, with a compellingstory of a young widow trying to find the truthand bring closure for her son and herself.The theft of three priceless paintings sent Derek Kane to prison and destroyed the dreams of his wife, Brianna. When Derek unexpectedly dies just weeks before his release, Brianna returns to Angel’s Bay with her young son, determined to prove her husband’s innocence and find the missing paintings. Her efforts are stymied by Jason Marlow, the police officer who sent Derek to jail— betraying his former friend. And when unexpected passion flares between Brianna and Jason, she must choose between the past and the present, the guilty and the innocent, the truth and the lies. For nothing is what it seems. . . .

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The short, light-toned lines of roadways are the most prominent visual feature of the town, apart from the small airstrip of Shelter Cove Airport. There are plenty of spots to pitch a tent, but Shelter Cove RV parks are few and far between. If you are driving a big rig, check out Richardson Grove State Park.