Term Limits

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Vince Flynn
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On an overcast night in Washington D.C. a group of highly trained killers embark on a mission of shattering brutality. A shocked country awakens to the devastating news that three of their most powerful and unscrupulous politicians have been brutally murdered. In the political firestorm and media frenzy that follow, the assassins release their demands: either the country's leaders set aside their petty, partisan politics and restore power to the people, or be held to deadly account. TERM LIMITS is a tour de force of authenticity and suspense, an utterly compelling vision in which the ultimate democratic ideal - a government of the people - is taken to a devastating extreme. The new Vince Flynn novel, The Survivor, will be published in autumn 2015!

Term limits essentially serve two purposes. First, they are set as statutory limitations to ensure that the same individual is not in the same public office for more than a specific number of years. List of the Cons for Congressional Term Limits 1.

Board chairs are more likely than other officers to have term limits. According to Term limits in politics refer to a concept where politicians can only stay in power for a limited amount of time instead of staying in power for an unlimited timeframe.