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Jackie Collins
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**Includes a sparkling and hilarious introduction from the wonderful Daisy Buchanan, talking about what this book and Jackie means to her! 'We all want to be Lucky for one specific reason, and it isn't her wealth or her looks. It's because she makes things happen' DAISY BUCHANAN** 'The definition of a class act' Graham Norton Dangerously sensual, breathtakingly beautiful, and utterly unforgettable, she is Lucky Santangelo, the sizzling star of Chances, Lucky, and Lady Boss - Lucy is back and better than ever . . . A scorching new installment of the wildly popular Lucky series, Vendetta finds Lucky in the most perilous situation of her life when her prized Panther Studios is taken from her by Donna Landsman, the unscrupulous widow of Lucky's arch-enemy, Santino Bonnatti. Donna intends to destroy Lucky in every way she can, but Lucky is street-smart, powerful, and just as ruthlessly dangerous. And so the battle for control begins. With Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge, Jackie Collins proves once again why she is an international powerhouse, a writer who digs deep into the glamorous, intoxicating - yet ultimately treacherous - world of Hollywood. Why everyone needs Jackie in their lives . . . 'No one does it better than Jackie' heat 'The definition of a class act' Graham Norton 'Scandalous. Outrageous. And completely fabulous!' Veronica Henry 'Jackie was absolutely marvellous, she was lovely. She was a very, very good writer' Jilly Cooper 'Jackie to me was the best writer of those risque, amusing, fun novels - full of Hollywood characters and lots of sex' Barbara Taylor Bradford 'That smart, talented and gorgeous woman paved the road for many of us so that we could experience a smoother journey . . . with or without heels' Sandra Bullock

AU ... 'VENDETTA' is the fourth book in Jackie Collins wildly successful Santangelo series and once again Collins did not disappoint. In 'VENDETTA' Lucky finds herself once again the target of the Bonnatti families revenge, This time it is Donnatella Bonnatti, the widow of Santino Bonnatti, who seeks revenge on Lucky for the death of her husband for which she feels Lucky is responsible. Share - Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge by Jackie Collins (Hardback, 1996) Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge by Jackie Collins (Hardback, 1996) Be the first to write a review.

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