Goddess of Vengeance

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Jackie Collins
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Owner of the luxurious and exclusive Keyscomplex in Las Vegas, Lucky Santangelo comes up against Armet Askarani, a ruthless billionaire middle-easterner potentate with three wives, who has little regard for women except as sexual playthings or breeding mares. Armet wishes to purchasethe Keys, and is shocked when he hears that Lucky has no desire to sell – whatever the price. That a mere woman would turn him down is insulting and unthinkable. And so the battle for power begins… Meanwhile, Lucky's hot son, Bobby Santangelo Stanislopoulos is opening a branch of his successful private late night club Moodin Lucky's hotel, and inadvertently becomes involved in his close friend Frankie Romano's gambling and major drug problems, causing much friction between him and his girlfriend, Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney, Denver Jones. Back in L.A., Max, Bobby's wild and gorgeous teenage sister is getting restless. Not interested in college, she fights with Lucky and suddenly takes off for New York and a series of adventures which could become deadly...

Life. And ... Kali-Yug, Goddess of Vengeance AZ Movies.

Add a review * Required Review * How to write a great review Do. Say what ... Goddess of Vengeance finds Lucky as an extremely successful business woman who owns her own hotel, The Keys, in Vegas and of course she's still sporting the same attitude of `don't f--- with a Santangelo!' Lucky has always been tough as nails and she is no different now.