The Bridge

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Karen Kingsbury
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Kelly lives alone in Portland, but her heart is back in Franklin, Tennessee, where five years ago she walked away from a man she cannot forget, a rare sort of love she hasn't found since. Kade lives in Franklin again after several years in Kentucky and a broken engagement. At least in Franklin he can visit The Bridge - the oldest bookstore in historic downtown Franklin - and remember the long hours he and Kelly once spent there. Now, though, the bookstore is in financial trouble and with the bank pulling the lease and about to take the owner's house he is forced to consider suicide. But before he can decide, a terrible tragedy occurs… Then suddenly, in the face of adversity, miracles begin to unfold.

Two detectives work together to take down a serial killer operating on both sides of the Texas-Chihuahua border. The cult series follows the investigations by Saga Noren, a brilliant but emotionally detached Swedish police detective into gruesome murders perpetrated at the border between the two countries. The Bridge Connects provides a full range of community services. Supports can be provided on and individual (1:1) basis, or in group-based settings.

The Scandi noir that redefined TV drama. The Bridge is a 'for-purpose' real estate development company that acquires old properties like schools, malls, and warehouses, then turns them into "eco villages" in the inner city. Our properties are intended to be totally sustainable and self-contained mixed-use "Eco-Villages" with housing, commercial/retail space, co-working, urban agriculture, innovation/education center and ... The Bridge: episode by episode The Bridge recap: season four, episode seven - tales told, heads rolled This penultimate episode hinged on a huge, unashamedly emotional moment - but plenty more ... Sign in from anywhere and get logged into Moodle, the Library, the Bridge, and other U of L sites.U of L sites. We'll leave a light on for you.