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Helen Warner
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**Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Carole Matthews, Stay Close To Me is the ideal book to curl up with this autumn** Amy has a charmed life. One of shopping and lunching while the nanny looks after the children. But when her husband's business collapses, her world is thrown into disarray and, for the first time, Amy's family is relying on her to be strong. Kate has always lived a very different life to her sister, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Until she meets enigmatic Jack. Suddenly her life is thrown into a new light and, feeling increasingly estranged from her husband Miles, Kate begins to wonder whether Jack may be what she's been looking for all along. Jennifer worries that her two daughters may never be as happy as she was with her late husband, Michael. But even her marriage wasn't perfect and, when Jennifer makes contact with someone from her past, truths emerge that she has spent a lifetime trying to forget. From the Sunday Times bestselling author, Stay Close To Me is a thought-provoking novel about family, love and learning how to recognise what in life matters the most. Praise for Helen Warner: 'As bubbly as a glass of wedding Champagne' Cosmopolitan 'Great good fun' Woman & Home 'The kind of book holidays were made for' Red 'Heartbreaking, funny, warm and witty' Cosmopolitan 'Great feel-good quality' Fiona Walker 'A ridiculously romantic story' heat 'Helen Warner paints a complex picture of friends and lovers' Star 'Brilliantly readable, escapist fun' Weight Watchers Magazine

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One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Stay Close to Me Lyrics: You said the clock was a game / Please tell me when I'm gonna play / Don't wanna live in the shame / I'm not a liar / Every day, every night / It's fucked up my ... Stay close to me now It's gonna be the same If I'm gonna die It's gonna be the same With you I'm feelin alive It's gonna be the same I don't wanna die It's gonna be the same With you I'm feelin alive This disease is killing me And I'm living in agony My only family is All this disaster 'Cause my life belong to you And you know what you have to do All this shit inside my ... Listen to STAY CLOSE - Single by SYML on Apple Music.