Wild N Wacky Trivia

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Lou Harry
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Did you know that the first hockey puck was a sqaure, or that “You’re a Grand Old Flag” was originally called “You’re a Grand Old Rag?” Is there a 37-mile long magma chamber under New York City or Yellowstone National Park? Be stunned and stumped with over 500 brain-draining questions like these in this wildly amusing digest-sized trivia book. Even the sharpest of trivia minds will find hours of entertainment on pages full of mind-blowing questions and fun illustrations. Readers can go through the book page by page or flip through the categories, which range from sports, comics, and celebrities to Mother Earth, Chow Time and Game Time. Wild and wacky as it may be, you won’t want to put it down!

Sylvester was originally a clown, which explains his red nose, and Tweety Bird was a baby. Tweety Bird's original color was peach, later changed to yellow when the producer decided a cat and bird would do better.

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