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Ron Pevny
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We financially plan for our retirement, but do we plan for our wellbeing? Here is an empowering guide with practical tools to help you live a passionate, fulfilling second half of life.If you’re part of the Baby Boomer generation, then you belong to 26 percent of the US population that is retiring healthier than any generation before. And that means retirement is starting to look a whole lot different. No longer satisfied with a quiet life of sitting on the porch or puttering around the house, retirees (or soon to be) are looking to create a passionate, active, fulfilled, and engaging later life. That’s where Ron Pevny comes in. His inspiring guide helps you do what he calls “conscious aging”—or making a reality the life of growth, purpose, service, and spiritual exploration you’ve always imagined for yourself. In addition to wisdom for navigating loss and grief, Pevny offers advice that helps you identify your goals, contribute to society, remain engaged and relevant, and spend your later years in profound personal development. Today’s seniors are reshaping what retirement is all about. It is a whole new opportunity to engage with family, community, and the world with vigor. Don’t just grow older—age consciously.

We financially plan for our retirement, but do we plan for our wellbeing? Here is an empowering guide with practical too... Buy Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: Embrace & Savor Your Next Chapter by Ron Pevny, PaperBack format, from the Dymocks online bookstore. Conscious living, conscious aging by Ron Pevny, unknown edition, Conscious Living, Conscious Aging Embrace & Savor Your Next Chapter. By Ron Pevny.

Our culture presents this view to us, and many of us settle into it, accepting the idea that we are less valuable than we used to be. But this is not the majority position, if we look at attitudes across time and space. "The vision laid out by the early framers of the "aging with consciousness" movement involves developing and nurturing a contemplative life and engaging in service rooted in the higher levels of consciousness that a contemplative life makes available.