Strong at the Broken Places

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Richard M. Cohen
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The bestselling author of Blindsided, Richard M. Cohen spent three years chronicling the lives of five diverse "citizens of sickness": Denise, who suffers from ALS; Buzz, whose Christian faith helps him deal with his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; Sarah, a determined young woman with Crohn's disease; Ben, a college student with muscular dystrophy; and Larry, whose bipolar disorder is hidden within. Differing in age and gender, race and economic status, all five are determined to live life on their own terms. In Strong at the Broken Places, Cohen shares these inspirational and revealing stories, which offer lessons for us all—–on self-determination, on courage in the face of adversity and public ignorance, on keeping hope alive.We are all strong at the broken places—stronger than we think.

To help answer this question, we dug into 40 years of our film archives to update a few of the stories of children growing up in difficult circumstances that we filmed decades ago. A new film from the producers of "Defending Our Lives," "Strong at the Broken Places" is the story of vastly different lives; the death camps of Cambodia, the violent streets of South Boston, the amputee ward of a V.A. hospital and the cell of an alcohol and drug addicted inmate yield remarkable survivors, all of whom heal themselves by helping others. Strong at the Broken Places: Turning Trauma to Recovery .

Perseverance, courage, faith ... all of these shone brightly in each story, along with the sobering colors of realism.