The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

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What's the hard truth? Soft skills get little respect but will make or break your career. Master your soft skills and really get ahead at work!Fortune 500 coach Peggy Klaus encounters individuals every day who excel at their jobs but aren't getting where they want to go. It's rarely a shortfall in technical expertise that limits their careers, but rather a shortcoming in their social, communication, and self-management behaviors. In The Hard Truth About Soft Skills Klaus delivers practical tools and techniques for mastering soft skills across the career spectrum. She shows how to:manage your workloadhandle the criticsdevelop and promote your personal brandnavigate office politicslead the troopsand much more!Klaus reveals why soft skills are often ignored, while bringing their importance to life in her trademark style—straightforward, humorous, and motivating. Perfect for readers at all professional stages—from those who are just starting out to seasoned executives—this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to take his or her career to the next level.

I wouldn't say there are breakthrough ideas in this book. But just a good solid coverage of the basics. The Hard Truth about Soft Skills: Soft Skills for Succeeding in a Hard WOR: Klaus, Peggy: Books The Hard Truth About Soft Skills As the workplace becomes more virtual and collaborative, soft skills training is vital to the success of an organization.

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: Workplace Lessons Smart People Wish They'd Learned Sooner Peggy Klaus ... The Hard Truth about Soft Skills: What Recruiters Look for in Business Graduates. Jones, Michael; Baldi, Cindi; Phillips, Carl; Waikar, Avinash.