The Greatest Prayer

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John Dominic Crossan
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Every Sunday, the Lord’s Prayer echoes in churches around the world.It is an indisputable principle of Christian faith. It is the way Jesus taught his followers to pray and distills the most essential beliefs required of every one of the world’s 2.5 billion Christians. In The Greatest Prayer, our foremost Jesus scholar explores this foundational prayer line by line for the richest and fullest understanding of a prayer every Christian knows by heart.An expert on the historical Jesus, Crossan provides just the right amount of history, scholarship, and detail for us to rediscover why this seemingly simple prayer sparked a revolution. Addressing issues of God’s will for us and our response, our responsibilities to one another and to the earth, the theology of our daily bread, the moral responsibilities that come with money, our nation-states, and God’s kingdom, Crossan reveals the enduring meaning and universal significance of the only prayer Jesus ever taught.

We have relegated prayer to perhaps a moment's pause before we enjoy our meals. We've used it as a transition point during our worship services to move us from one element to another. Prayer for Growing Faith Dear Lord, help me - every single morning - to find faith in the midst of the chaos.

Also, keep in mind that the only possible way to train Prayer in the F2P worlds ... The Greatest Prayer in All the World by John Piper.