Christianity's Dangerous Idea

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Alister McGrath
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A New Interpretation of Protestantism and Its Impact on the WorldThe radical idea that individuals could interpret the Bible for themselves spawned a revolution that is still being played out on the world stage today. This innovation lies at the heart of Protestantism's remarkable instability and adaptability. World-renowned scholar Alister McGrath sheds new light on the fascinating figures and movements that continue to inspire debate and division across the full spectrum of Protestant churches and communities worldwide.

Throughout the 476 pages, McGrath paints a broad and comprehensive portrait of the rise of ... The 'dangerous idea' is that there is no authority apart from the Bible--yet the Bible is open to many diverse interpretations. The result is a colorful five hundred year history of remarkable innovation and adaptability marked by seeming incoherence and instability. An edition of Christianity's dangerous idea (2007) Christianity's dangerous idea the Protestant revolution -- a history from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first 1st ed.

However, it ultimately proved uncontrollable, spawning developments that few at the time could have envisaged or predicted." Christianity's dangerous idea was not Protestantism itself, but the core idea that lay behind it. And, that idea was that the individual Christian, not the institutional Church, had the right to interpret the Bible for himself.