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Frederic Luskin, Dr. Ken Pelletier
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Ten Minutes to Learn One Minute to Practice Ten Seconds to Work Imagine if you could . . .Radically reduce stress Increase your physical vitality Improve your quality of lifeNow you can. We live in an age of stress. Each day at work and at home as we struggle to take care of the basics, constant stress significantly affects our ability to lead healthy and happy lives. We struggle with stomach pain, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and even heart failure. Not only does stress damage our physical and emotional well-being, but our relationships and productivity suffer as well. What, if anything, can we do to stop this cycle? There is a multitude of books, magazine features, TV programs, videotapes, meditation classes, and seminars, all aimed at stopping stress. But until now there has never been a scientifically based program that not only starts working within seconds but also creates a foundation to help remove stress and the symptoms associated with it from your life for good. Dr. Fred Luskin and Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier spent years at the Stanford University School of Medicine developing ten proven skills for eliminating the stress, anxiety, and pain that occur in daily life. Delivering skills that have been honed and tested among a diverse group of Americans, Stress Free for Good is easy to use and starts working immediately. Offering more than just the promise of breaking even and eliminating daily stress, these ten skills provide a foundation for living a healthier and happier life. This is not only a practical and accessible guide to conquering the stress in our lives once and for all, it is also the last stress aid you will ever need.

How to sort and store your photos fast. Stress is unlikely to go away on its own, so ignoring the symptoms will only prolong and increase stress. Managing stress once it is recognised.

I chose a Stressfree from my knowledge of other competitor's products from working in the boating industry, but also after much research on the internet and ... I think it is wonderful how Dr. Luskin has summarized 10 ways to help to reduce your stress.