Where Song Began

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Tim Low
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Tim Low, award-winning author of Feral Future, in an eye-opening book on the unique nature of Australian birds and their role in ecology and global evolution.Renownedfor its unusual mammals, Australia is a land of birds that are just asunusual, just as striking, a result of the continent's tens of millionsof years of isolation. Compared with birds elsewhere, ours are morelikely to be intelligent, aggressive and loud, to live in complexsocieties, and are long-lived. They're also ecologicallymore powerful, exerting more influences on forests than other birds.Butunlike the mammals, the birds did not keep to Australia; they spreadaround the globe. Australia provided the world with its songbirds andparrots, the most intelligent of all bird groups. It was thought inDarwin's time that species generated in the Southern Hemisphere couldnot succeed in the Northern, an idea that was proven wrong in respect ofbirds in the 1980s but not properly accepted by the world's scientistsuntil 2004; because, says Tim Low, most ornithologists live in theNorthern Hemisphere. As a result, few Australians are aware of theramifications, something which prompted the writing of this book.TimLow has a rare gift for illuminating complex ideas in highly readableprose, and making of the whole a dynamic story. Here he brilliantlyexplains how our birds came to be so extraordinary, including the largerole played by the foods they consume (birds, too, are what they eat),and by our climate, soil, fire, and Australia's legacy as a part ofGondwana. The story of its birds, it turns out, is inseparable from thestory of Australia itself, and one that continues to unfold, so muchhaving changed in the last decade about what we know of our ancientpast. Where Song Began also shines a light on New Guinea as abiological region of Australia, as much a part of the continent asTasmania. This is a work that goes far beyond the birds themselves toexplore the relationships between Australia's birds and its people, andthe ways in which scientific prejudice have hindered our understandingAbout the AuthorTim Low is highly regarded as a biologist and writer. He is the prize-winning author of Feral Future, The New Nature, and Wild Food Plants of Australia.

This is a work that goes far beyond the birds themselves to explore the relationships between Australia's birds and its people, and the ways in which scientific prejudice have hindered our understanding. Where Song Began - Tim Low The highest diversity of albatrosses and petrels in the world has been recorded in the waters around south eastern Australia and New Zealand. To better experience this diversity Tim took a boat out from Kaikoura in New Zealand, from which he took this photo. " Where Song Began will be regarded as Tim Low's masterpiece.

Albrecht explains: "These elements seamlessly integrate and flow with the music, which spans 300 years from Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and J.S. Bach to Arvo Pärt, new Australian works and improvisations, which we start and ... Prices (including delivery) for Where Song Began by Tim Low.