In the Interest of Justice

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Joel Seidemann
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This rich and rewarding volume collects more than two dozen of the most memorable opening and closing arguments made by top prosecutors and defense attorneys of the last one hundred years. Carefully selected to explore every major aspect and challenge of the legal process, these speeches highlight the tactics and strategies, colorful language, and stirring rhetoric that lawyers use to win judge and jury to their side. With a shrewd eye for courtroom stratagems and a keen understanding of the social currents that shape them, Manhattan assistant district attorney Joel Seidemann introduces and illuminates each speech from an insider's perspective. Arguments from landmark trials are included to reveal the smartest tricks of the trial lawyer's trade and demonstrate the power of an impassioned presentation to tip the scales toward the fulfillment of justice.

In fifteen jurisdictions, every trial judge has the authority to act "in the furtherance of justice" and consider the factual context of criminal charges in order to dismiss criminal indictments. 2 Interest of Justice guidance January 2020 7 8.

Dans l'intérêt de la justice, je vais approuver votre demande. In common with other legal principles, universal jurisdiction could be applied only in the interests of justice. The interest of justice refers generally to the cause of fairness and equity used when a judge has discretion to making a ruling in a particular situation.