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Sara Douglass
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The Timekeeper Demons burst through the Star Gate to invade tencendor, destroying the Gate and the magic of the StarDance in the process. Terrifying and cruel, they have come with only one purpose - to see Qeteb destroy the StarSon and tencendor forever.Enchanters and gods alike are helpless as the Demons lay waste to the land. Zared and Askam must put aside their differences and unite to save their people, as the need to find a Sanctuary for them all becomes ever more urgent.The StarSon must eventually become the hunted in the maze - only he who has the courage to endure death can learn the secrets of the ancient Enemy - but who will it be?

Of the 102 colonists, 35 were members of the English Separatist Church (a radical faction of Puritanism) who had earlier fled to Leiden, the Netherlands, to escape persecution at home. The original version of "To be a Pilgrim" is the school hymn for the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, Newcastle Grammar School, Derby Grammar School, Westcliff High School for Girls, Dartford Grammar School, Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, Hope Waddell Training Institution, St. Clement's School (Toronto), Elmwood School (Ottawa), Ashbury College, and Reigate Grammar School (whose annual publication, The Pilgrim, takes its name from the hymn) and the former Pilgrim School, Bedford. Pilgrim is a fantasy radio series by Sebastian Baczkiewicz and produced by BBC Radio and starring Paul Hilton as William Palmer, known as Pilgrim.

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